What We Offer

Colewell is a FANUC Authorized Systems Integrator. The range of services that we offer speeds up your production process, thereby enhancing performance and productivity.

  • Process Design
  • Production Support
what we offer

Robot Programming

We analyze your existing process and provide robot programming to optimize various stages of the production process.

  • Vision-guided robotics
  • MIG/Spot welding
  • Material handling/removal
  • Sealing and Dispensing

Project Management

  • System design and build
  • Automated robotics systems from paper to customers’ floor
  • Customization to assist in projects
  • Full 3d modeling and robotics simulation

Process Optimization

To advance robotic process optimization, we bring the latest technical knowledge to clients, which offers tremendous benefits.

  • Consistent improvement
  • Downtime elimination
  • Improved recovery
  • Assist customers to boost business productivity
Product support

Production Support

Robots play a vital role in supporting production in many industries; we assist our customers to improve quality and increase productivity. We work with the technical trade support team and to move the process from the launch phase to full production by resolving any issues that restrict the flow of product.